Sunday, 25 October 2015

Open Book Model of Universe

 We have already discussed 'Open Book Model of Universe' in the article titled " "Model of Universe-a Quranic Perspective" dated: 07/02/2013 on this blog. Al-hamdulillah this 'Open Book Model of Universe' has been endorsed by scientific observations on basis of which following video clip has been made. This video clearly shows that so far known universe in its shape is just like an open book. (Plz. focus on the middle part of this video). Though it is incomplete mapping of universe (of first sky), it shows so far mapped/known universe is just like an open book. The open book pattern emerging out of this incomplete mapping  leads us believe that the complete mapping of universe also would not run counter to 'Open Book Model'. The complete picture would come out, when all seven universes (of seven skies) would be mapped. 
The link of video is given below:

This 'Open Book Model of Universe' presented in my article is based on the Quran. I wish Muslims  would have been aware of glory and sanctity of Quran, and would have developed appreciation for the treasure of wisdom and guidance contained in the Quran.  

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