Friday, 30 September 2011

Gog Magog and Chinese Nation

Many scholars believe that Gog and Magog were two grandsons of Hazrat Noah (as); the descendants of these two sons are inhabited in Central Asia, China, South East Asia and East Asia. In other words, so called ‘yellow races’ are in fact Gog and Magog which have been mentioned in the Quran. Let us analyze this view in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

Quran has mentioned about Gog Magog at two places i.e. Sura al-kahf and Sura al-anbia. Sura al-kahf states:“They said, "O Dhul-Qarnayn, indeed Gog and Magog are [great] corrupters in the land. So may we assign for you an expenditure that you might make between us and them a barrier?" He said: "(The power) in which my Lord has established me is better (than tribute): Help me therefore with strength (and labour): I will erect a strong barrier between you and them: Give me pieces of iron - till, when he had levelled up (the gap) between the cliffs, he said: Blow! - till, when he had made it a fire, he said: Bring me molten copper to pour thereon. So Gog and Magog were unable to pass over it, nor were they able [to effect] in it any penetration. [Dhul-Qarnayn] said, "This is a mercy from my Lord; but when the promise of my Lord comes, He will make it level, and ever is the promise of my Lord true." On the day when the barrier is demolished, We will leave them (creatures) like the waves of the sea striking against each other. Then the trumpet will be sounded and We will bring them all together”. (al-kahf-94-99).

From these verses of sura kahf, it is quite clear that a physical barrier made up of iron and copper was erected by Dhul-Qarnain. The barrier was so strong and so high that Gog Magog could not either scale it over nor break into it. The purpose of erecting this wall/ barrier was to prevent Gog Magog from coming into physical contact with nearby human races so that Gog Magog could not cause corruption/anarchy/destruction in the nearby lands. But one day that barrier would fall down, and that day creatures would be left striking against each other like waves of the sea.
Sura al-anbia states about that day when Gog Magog would be set free and come into physical contact with human races; the verse 96,97 of this Sura state:
“Until, when Gog and Magog are let loose, and they hasten out of every mound, And [when] the true promise has approached…”.
It means Gog Magog would be set free when the world would be about to come to an end; before that time Gog Magog would never come into physical contact with human settlements.

The view that yellow races are Gog Magog can not be substantiated in the light of these Quranic verses. The yellow races including Chinese nation have always been and still are free to come into physical contact with all other human races; at present they are playing a major role in international affairs. But according to Quran, Gog Magog have been debarred from coming into physical contact with the human races. The constructed barrier has kept them away from the human races (at least from nearby human races). Whereas we see that no barrier/wall made up of iron and copper on the face of this earth can stop any human race from coming into physical contact with any other (nearby or distant) human races; in the past also no such wall/barrier can be found. (Berlin Wall OR Chinese Great Wall obstructed direct transportation through these walls, but they could not stop the nations living behind these walls from interacting/ coming into physical contact with the nations living on the other side of the wall).
If no human race can be prevented from coming into physical contact with any other race by constructing a barrier/wall, but Gog Magog have been prevented in this way, it implies that Gog Magog, in fact, are not like normal human races. This viewpoint may also be substantiated by some sayings of our Prophet (saw). A ccording to one ‘rawayat’, Gog Magog would be in number just like sand particles of sea. Another ‘rawayat’ states: “each couple of Gog Magog may have upto one thousand offsprings”. Another ‘rawayat’ mentions about Gog Magog’s inability to climb over mountains. But one ‘rawayat’ mentions that Gog Magog are descendants of Hazrat Adam (as). All these ‘rawayat’ combined reflect that Gog Magog are not like normal human races but they seem to be sub-human races.
A modern writer, Yahya Khan, has described in detail one such sub-human race in his Urdu Book titled ‘KAJAL KOTHA’. He states “They are intelligent creature and like human beings in all aspects except some biological features e.g. they are extremely small in size; they may be as tiny as a rice grain or a seed of dates or human’s hand palm; their respiratory system is more like fishes have; they need much less oxygen and sunlight to survive. Their unique biological features enable them to live underground; usually they live in deep watery places. The writer has called this creature as ‘bonay or balishtay’. (this creature should not be mistaken as commonly placed humans with stunted growth; men/women with stunted growth are humans; they are not'bonay').
There is likelihood that Gog Magog also belong to a ‘bona race’.

Without going into authenticity of view that Gog Magog were grandsons of Noah (as) or not (this view is based on Israeli traditions), We can conclude that Gog Magog (Yajooj Majooj), which have been mentioned in Quran, are not Chinese and other yellow races; these Yajooj Majooj(Gog Magog) mentioned in Quran are a sub-human race and will be let loose near the destruction of this world.


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