Thursday, 22 September 2011

Technology-A Tool for Proving Quranic Knowledge

It is our common observation that people usually have faith in what they think is intellectually true. It means many out of people not having faith in Quran, in fact don’t believe intellectually in truthfulness of Quran. We can’t conclude that Quranic knowledge is not comprehensive and sound enough to make such people (disbelieving intellectually in truthfulness of Quran) believe in its truthfulness intellectually. Actually such people’s disbelief in the Quran is due to one main reason; as Quran says, “Nay, they reject that of which they have no comprehensive knowledge, and of which ‘taveel’ (analogical/observational proof) has not yet been revealed to them (yunus-39). It means such people’s disbelief in the Quran is because such people don’t have comprehensive knowledge of Quran due to the fact that analogical/observational proof of such Quranic knowledge has not been yet revealed to them.
Technology also may be called ‘taveel’; technology is also observational proof which testifies knowledge. Sura yunus-39 also implies that, like ‘khabar’, ‘taveel’ is also exposed at a specified point of time. We may infer that each technology is manifested at a particular time. Those people who deny that Quran is embodiment of all types of knowledge put forward logic that if it had been so, all technological advancements would have taken place in the age when Quran was revealed. This logic is proved wrong in the light of yunus-39 which states that taveel/technology comes on the surface at certain point of time.
It is important to note that according to yunus-39 the ‘taveel’ has not come only to the people disbelieving intellectually the truthfulness of Quran; other persons may be having access to such ‘taveel’. In other words, we may say that all people pondering over Quran do not have equal level of understanding of Quran; Quran says “over every possessor of knowledge is one [more] knowing” (Yousuf-76). If any person’s understanding of Quran leads him disbelieving in the truthfulness of Quran, he should be assured that there is someone having superior understanding of Quran, who can make such disbeliever believe in the truthfulness of Quran.

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