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Intellect, senses, Ideas – existence in pair

Like everything created, Intellect, Idea and senses all exist in pairs. One part of Intellect is what is driven by what we call physical senses, and the other part of Intellect is driven by extra sensory senses. Similarly physical senses are paired with extra sensory senses.  Similarly the Idea perceived through physical senses is paired with Idea perceived through extra sensory senses.

  We have already seen in the article  that Quranic Words were shown as written words to our Nabi (ﷺ) by Gabriel (a.s). It means our Nabi (ﷺ) did not produce Quranic Words/ Kalam u Allah; rather our Nabi (ﷺ) just narrated Quranic Words to the people around. Our Nabi (ﷺ) was the first narrator/ ‘Ravi’ of the Quran to the people of his (ﷺ) generation. Similarly we have seen  Quran was revealed to mind/conscious of our Nabi (ﷺ); it means when Quranic Words were revealed to our Nabi (ﷺ), at the same time understanding/meanings of Quran were also revealed to our Nabi (ﷺ). This fact has also been mentioned in Quran:
“Indeed, upon Us is its (Quran’s) collection [in your conscious/mind] and [to make possible] its recitation….. Then lo! upon Us (resteth) the explanation thereof” (al-Qiyamah-17,19).
These verses state that it is job of Allah to collect/preserve Quran in the conscious/mind of our Nabi (ﷺ) and it is Allah’s job to explain the text of this Quran (means to explain the  meanings of Quran). Some people say it was through ijtihad that our Nabi (ﷺ) exacted meanings of Quran and Allah had nothing to do with this exercise done by our Nabi (ﷺ). It is a wrong thinking because this verse 19 clearly says it is upon Allah to explain the meanings of Quran. These Quranic meanings were revealed to our Nabi (ﷺ) through “wahi e khafi”. The ‘Quranic wahi’ is paired with ‘wahe e Khafi’.
The question is how ‘wahi’ was made a part of our Nabi’s (ﷺ) Conscious. We know the process of revelation was not perceived through physical senses; the process of revelation was perceived only by our Nabi (ﷺ) and the people around our Nabi (ﷺ) were not able to perceive- through their physical senses-  the process of revelation. It clearly means our Nabi () used to perceive the process of wahi through his senses other than physical senses. These senses through which our Nabi (ﷺ)  used  to perceive ‘wahi’ and the process thereof are called extra sensory senses.  
In the articles and that Human body is a reflection of human soul/conscious; our body is just like our conscious sees it. Our conscious and body are inextricably inseparable as long as we are alive. Our conscious/soul is AWARENESS of all human body’s factors like intellect, knowledge, information, ideas, skills, observations, experiences, feelings, perceptions, emotions, and, in short, AWARENESS of all that we have in our life. In other words, nature/reality of ‘ME’/Conscious is the AWARENESS of all that I have in my life. In addition to AWARENESS, my Conscious/ ‘ME’ has another quality; it has ‘WILL’ to adopt the good or the bad knowingly that they are good or bad.  All other factors like intellect, knowledge, information, ideas, skills, observations, experiences, feelings, and perceptions impact our Emotions which further impact our soul/conscious/ ‘ME’, but decision making is the job of Conscious/Soul/ ‘ME’; Conscious/ME may reject the impact of any Emotions and decide to adopt the good or the bad.  Therefore, in order to train/develop human conscious, we have to manage all body’s factors like intellect, knowledge, information, ideas, skills/capabilities, feelings, perceptions, experiences, observations, and emotions.

Because our Conscious has ‘Will to make good or bad decision’, and because the final decision making is to be made by our Conscious, it means our Conscious has its own intellectual faculty as well.  In other words, there are two separate intellectual faculties. The first Intellectual faculty functions through physical senses whereas the second Intellectual faculty operates through extra sensory senses. Both these Intellectual faculties may generate different Ideas OR may generate the same Idea. Both Intellectual faculties may authenticate OR reject Ideas of each other.  Our Conscious after taking inputs from both kinds of Intellectual faculties and from Emotions makes a final decision as to what is to be done.

The Ideas generated through physical senses and through extra sensory senses are originated from the Unconscious Mind of relevant person. If Ideas embedded in the Unconscious of the person are moved to his Conscious through physical senses (which are external stimuli), the process is called Analogical Deduction.  If Ideas are moved to the Conscious through extra sensory senses, the process is called Intuition OR ‘wahi’. The difference between Intuition and wahi is that Intuition is a part of permanent human functions (like heart beat is a permanent human body function) and this function of Intuition is  carried out through extra sensory senses. But wahi is not a permanent human function (only selective persons can avail process of wahi), though ‘wahi’ is also carried out through extra sensory senses, it is carried out through an external entity e.g. Angel or Allah Himself (some wahi is carried out through angel and some directly through Allah); but Intuition is not carried out through any angel. The scope of Intuition is very limited; it pertains to human capability to differentiate between what is good and what is bad. Human Conscious’s Will to adopt the good or the bad knowingly that they are the good or the bad is based on Intuition. But scope of ‘wahi’ includes all knowledge, information, experiences, observations, Ideas, feelings, perceptions, in short, all that we have in life. [pls also see ].

 As mentioned earlier, through both processes (i.e. physical senses based Intellectual faculty and extra sensory Intellectual faculty), the same Idea may become part of the Conscious; on the other hand, both processes may generate different Ideas as well. It is up to the Conscious to decide as to  which one Idea should be made basis of the decision. As for authenticity of Idea is concerned (to know whether any Idea has become correctly part of Conscious or not), physical senses based Idea is the least authentic due to likely deficiency of external data on basis of which Idea is analyzed by the recipient. But in case of extra sensory Idea,  Idea may become or may not become correctly a part of Conscious. In case of prophet, extra sensory Idea is ensured to be correctly comprehended by the conscious of the prophet, but in case of non-prophet, such surety of correct comprehension of extra sensory Idea is not ensured.  In case of ‘Quranic wahi’, comprehension of Idea is not left to analogical deduction of the recipient’s (our Nabi's [s.a.w.w) physical Intellect; rather Allah’s Words are shown to the recipient’s [our Nabi's (s.a.w.w)] extra sensory Intellect so that Idea must be comprehended correctly by the recipient’s Conscious. Similarly in case of both ‘wahi e khafi’ and ‘Quranic wahi’, the correct comprehension of Idea by the recipient’s Conscious is ensured through a Conscious Entity i.e. Allah Himself or through an angel through Extra Sensory Senses.  ( it may be appreciated because Wahi and Intuition both are subject of Extra Sensory Intellectual Faculty and  Wahi and Intuition both are always correctly comprehended by Extra Sensory Intellect but both may be rejected/ misunderstood by Physical Intellectual Faculty. A prophet's Conscious is so developed and well trained that it never accepts Physical Intellect's dictation, if such dictation is different from that of Extra Sensory Intellect's).  In case of non-prophetic wahi, the authenticity of Idea is based on  the prophetic wahi; if non-prophetic wahi is not in consonance with prophetic wahi, it would mean such non-prophetic wahi is NOT actual/ correct wahi. For details about prophetic and non-prophetic wahi pls  see article

As described above,  a prophet's conscious always receives 100% accurate Idea through extra sensory senses/ non-physical Intellect; similarly the Idea called Intuition is also received accurately by human conscious through non-physical Intellect. But it may be appreciated that all humans contain non-physical Intellect as well as physical Intellect; non-physical Intellect does not essentially work correctly in all humans in all cases though it works correctly in all cases in the prophets. This is the difference between a Prophet and a common human.

We may conclude that human intellect, senses and Ideas all exist in pairs, like every other thing existing in nature. Physical Intellect is paired with extra sensory Intellect; physical senses are paired with extra sensory senses; physical Ideas are paired with extra sensory Ideas. Both Physical Intellectual faculty and extra sensory Intellectual faculty give their inputs to human Conscious which, on the basis of inputs given, uses its ‘Will to adopt the good or the bad deed’. Human brain is also divided into two sections both are inter-connected as well as connected with the third part called Cerebellum; this form of human brain does not seem to be without suggestion.

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