Sunday, 14 February 2016

Big Bang is still Continuing

We have already seen in the article that Allah has created ‘darkness’ and ‘the light’. We know that light is a form of matter; this form of matter was released during Big Bang and was gradually solidified into the form of universe as we find it today; this form of matter may be called Luminous Matter; all the rest of matter may be called ‘Dark Matter’ which is spread everywhere in the space since before Big Bang. The matter contained in the celestial bodies/universe-making out of Big Bang- may be called ‘Luminous Matter’, because it is visible; and the matter contained in the space (even before Big Bang) may be called ‘Dark Matter’, because it is invisible.
In the article we have seen that gravitational waves are being produced since Big Bang. The explosion which we call Big Bang is not only the eruption of energy which solidified latter in the form of luminous universe, as we find it today, but also eruption of energy which flowed through Dark Matter in the form of gravitational waves. There may be two Big Bangs- the first resulted in sending gravitational waves through Dark Matter, and the second resulted in   formation of luminous matter. These gravitational waves are spread everywhere in the space; they are being constantly produced and passing through every smallest particle and every largest celestial body constantly. By passing through every material entity, these gravitational waves are not only throbbing material entities bur also charging material entities so that material entities can carry out their activities. In nutshell, the gravitational waves make every material thing alive, and gravitational waves keep everything alive.
If these gravitational waves are being constantly produced since Big Bang and are result of Big Bang; and if these gravitational waves- by passing through material things- make every material thing alive, and keep every material thing alive, it means Big Bang is still continuing.

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