Saturday, 13 February 2016

Dark Matter Keeps Everything Alive

Every material entity in this universe is alive. When Allah wills any material thing keep alive, He does so through Dark Matter; when Allah wills any material thing die away, He does so through Dark Matter. Dark matter keeps every living material entity throbbing in this universe; dark matter keeps every material entity alive. When a material entity stops throbbing, it is decomposed/ degenerated by dark matter. In other words, it is dark matter which keeps every material thing alive, and which makes every material thing die away.

We have already seen in the article that, according to Quran, gravity is not something which lies in the mass of a body; rather it is something which is thrown down onto the earth from above the earth. Now this fact has been proved a few days back through discovery of gravitational waves coming from the universe to the earth; this scientific experiment has been explained in the following video:
This video explains that when gravitational waves are sent through fabric of space and time, they cause ripples in the fabric of space and time. When these ripples pass through any material thing, they cause such material thing throbbing, as earth is throbbing in this video. 

As has been earlier mentioned in the article that Einstein tried to explain gravity in terms of curved space which leads everything to fall onto the earth. As a bid to explain why material bodies falling down to earth are accelerated, as they come nearer to the earth, he conceived that it happens so due to distorted fabric of space and time. Now discovery of gravitational waves may better explain accelerated motion of material bodies falling onto the earth.   We may conceive the gravitational waves start charging such falling bodies and consequently the falling bodies are accelerated as they come closer to the earth.
Based on this discovery of gravitational waves, we may conceive throbbing of material bodies when gravitational waves pass through such material bodies is not like to jolt something; rather it is just like throbbing of human heart which expands and contracts. 

We know that space passes through every smallest bit of this universe, and we also know that material bodies entering gravitational sphere of every celestial body fall with accelerated speed onto surface of such celestial body. It means phenomenon of penetrating gravitational waves is common to all celestial bodies. In other words, gravitational waves are spread everywhere in the space; they are being constantly produced and passing through every smallest particle and every largest celestial body constantly. By passing through every material entity, these gravitational waves are not only throbbing material entities bur also charging material entities so that material entities can carry out their activities. In nutshell, the gravitational waves make every material thing alive, and gravitational waves keep everything alive.
One challenging question we are facing is how human heart starts throbbing. We know human brain cannot function without a throbbing heart; when heart throbs, blood is transported to the brain; without supply of blood, human brain cannot function and becomes dead. It means throbbing of human heart has to precede the functioning of human brain. We are told heart has its own electrical system which initiates its throbbing; but the question is how this electrical system automatically starts working. The gravitational waves may be an answer; it may be gravitational waves which start throbbing of human heart. It also explains why human body expires; when heart is working, what does make human body expire. Again the answer may be gravitational waves which keep human body alive through charging it, and when charging is discontinued, human body expires. When human body expires, human conscious/ soul moves to another world for compensation of its deeds. We have seen already human conscious is human soul (for details pls. see
Now the question arises what is nature of space and time? If gravitational waves can cause ripples in the fabric of space and time, we are forced to believe that space is not something empty; ripples can be produced only in a material body. We have seen in the articles,, and that space is not empty; it has dark matter. Allah has created ‘darkness’ and ‘the light’. We know that light is a form of matter; this form of matter was released during Big Bang and was gradually solidified into the form of universe as we find it today; this form of matter may be called Luminous Matter; all the rest of matter may be called ‘Dark Matter’ which is spread everywhere in the space since before Big Bang. The matter contained in the celestial bodies/universe-making out of Big Bang- may be called ‘Luminous Matter’, because it is visible; and the matter contained in the space (even before Big Bang) may be called ‘Dark Matter’, because it is invisible. Actually the qualities assigned to space are qualities of Dark Matter. Dark Matter is contained by the space but space is quite different entity from the Dark Matter. Actually Space and Time are Allah’s eternal qualities; whereas Dark Matter is Allah's creation. Space and Time cannot be tinkered with. What we tinker with is not Space and Time; actually it is Dark Matter what we tinker with. (plz see for details In other words, gravitational ripples which are said to be sent through the space are actually sent through the Dark Matter. Dark Matter is everywhere spread in the Space; where there is Space there is Dark Matter. It means it is Dark Matter which makes everything throbbing; it is Dark Matter which charges everything and makes everything alive. We have seen in the article that Dark Matter exists since before Big Bang; as the gravitational waves are meant to keep luminous matter alive, it means gravitational waves are being produced since Big Bang (the video mentioned above does not see origin of gravitational waves into Big Bang). The explosion which we call Big Bang is not only the eruption of energy which solidified latter in the form of luminous universe, as we find it today, but also eruption of energy which flowed through Dark Matter in the form of gravitational waves which are meant to keep luminous matter alive; there may be two Big Bangs- the first resulted in sending gravitational waves through Dark Matter, and the second resulted in   formation of luminous matter. 

In short, everything in this universe is alive. Dark Matter makes every material thing alive and keeps every material thing alive; it throbs every material thing and charges every material thing so that every material thing may perform its functions. When Allah wills a material thing alive, He does so through the Dark Matter. Similarly when Allah wills a material thing die away, He does so through dark Matter; when a material thing is intended to be died away or decomposed/degenerated, gravitational charging to such material entity through gravitational waves is discontinued, and the material entity  dies away or is decomposed/degenerated.

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