Sunday, 3 November 2013

Defining Moment for Pakistan

It (Mehsood's murder) is a defining moment like one presented to Pakistan twelve years ago (at the time of 9/11), but involving much lesser risks and much more opportunities than the previous moment. The present defining moment presents Pakistan with opportunity to cure their ills by defying USA. If Pakistan can avail this opportunity benefits would be invaluable: i. all pro-Pakistan forces would be united rendering much needed unity to Pakistan, and resultantly foiling nefarious designs of anti-Pakistan forces aiming at weakened Pakistan; ii. terrorists activities would come to end which further would give a boost to Pakistan's economy; iii. Pakistan's foreign policy would come out of USA's clutches which would further open new openings to Pakistan to create and avail economic and political benefits to be presented at regional and international level; iv. USA's power in this region would be eroded and the gap would be filled by regional powers including Pakistan; v. the eroded USA's power in this region would lead to USA's economic and political power deterioration at international level, which would further lead to USA Dollar depreciation at international level and such depreciation would go in benefit of the nations like Pakistan which are indebted to USA. The most importantly the risks involved in the proposed defiance to USA would be temporary. Because all such risks are economic in nature, all these risks may be offset by the benefits mentioned above coming out of defiance to USA.
If Pakistan still keeps toeing USA's policy, all benefits mentioned above coming out of defiance to USA would be non-available to Pakistan and it would be a great damage to Pakistan's interests.

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