Monday, 23 September 2013

One Solution of Tribal Rebellion

Tribal Belt of Pakistan is hundreds of km long; this belt is hosting more than one lac fierce fighters called Taliban. If Pak's total army which is six lacs in number is deployed to fight one lac Taliban in hundreds of km long tribal belt which is the most difficult terrain for military operations, only fools can expect any positive results. The most likely result would be that our army will be caught in a devilish circle in which they would clear one portion of tribal belt only to fight Taliban in another portion, to clear it from Taliban, and then again fight Taliban in previously cleared portion of tribal belt. Such clearing operations may result in total or substantial destruction of Pak army, continuing deteriorating economic conditions in Pakistan, without getting permanent positive results. We may appreciate the first and the last solution to the problem may be achieved only through table talks, not military operations. One solution, if mutually agreed, may be to unify whole tribal belt into one unit, to grant a special constitutional status to such unified tribal unit to grant them sufficient autonomy in legal, judicial, administrative and economic matters; other subjects like foreign policy, currency, trade, natural resources, communications, defense etc. may be left with Federation of Pakistan. Once Tribals are allowed to live their collective lives according to their culture, ideology and interests, they would not challenge Pakistan writ in matters left with Federation of Pakistan.
However Pakistan should make the tribal groups establish legal, judicial, administrative and economic institutions but, of course, according to will of tribal peoples so that tribal Pakistanis should not be left at the mercy of whims of dominant tribal groups.

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