Friday, 19 April 2013

Nature of Space and Dark Matter


We have already seen in my articles “Time Travel”  and “Time and Space-existence in pairs”  that events happen quicker 0n 1st sky as we move from 1st sky to upper skies; it means space starts contracting/ condensing more as we move from seventh sky to 1st sky. In other words, space starts expanding more as we move from 1st sky to upper skies. It means both time and space contract on earth more as we move from 1st sky to upper skies. Thus, by spending a few seconds in upper skies, we can see the events happening in future hundreds of years on earth. It means we can draw conclusion that mankind can travel in time; this is what has been actually done by Hazrat Muhammad (saw) during ‘journey of Meraj’.
In the article “Time and Space-existence in pairs”,  we have also seen that space is not equally expanded or contracted throughout in a sky; it may happen that in the same sky, space is more expanded at some places and more contracted at some other places. In other words, space and time have various degrees of expansion and contraction not only in different skies but also in the same sky. It means in the same sky, events may occur comparatively quicker at some places, and comparatively slower at some other places. This fact may be substantiated on the basis of Hazrat Uzair’s story mentioned in Quran.

Now we deal with the point why space and time contract as we move from the 1st sky to upper skies; and why space and time are  expanded at some places in a sky or contracted at some other places in the same sky. 

From the outset it may be noted that contraction/expansion of space is actually contraction/expansion of Dark Matter contained in space. We have seen in my article “Origin of the Universe and Dark Matter” that Allah has created ‘darkness’ and ‘the light’. We know that light is a form of matter; this form of matter was released during Big Bang and was gradually solidified into the form of universe as we find it today; this form of matter may be called Luminous Matter; all the rest of matter may be called ‘Dark Matter’ which is spread everywhere in the space since before Big Bang. The matter contained in the celestial bodies/universe-making out of Big Bang- may be called ‘Luminous Matter’, because it is visible; and the matter contained in the space (even before Big Bang) may be called ‘Dark Matter’, because it is invisible.
The creation and expansion of this universe is the outcome of interplay between the Luminous Matter and the Dark Matter.

When this universe/Luminous Matter/ energy erupting out of singularity expands into the space with pressure, it pushes the space/Dark Matter around it; the more space/Dark Matter is being pushed, the greater it is being condensed. That is why space/Dark Matter is most condensed on the first sky which is at the bottom of seven skies. That is why events happen quicker on earth as we move from first sky to upper skies (for details plz see my article "Time Travel"). The more the surrounding space/Dark Matter is being pushed by the universe/Luminous Matter, greater pressure is being built on the peripheral universe/Luminous Matter by the Space/Dark Matter. When the pressure with which the universe/Luminous Matter is expanding will become lesser than the pressure exerted by the space/Dark Matter on peripheral universe, the universe/Luminous Matter will be started to be rolled up by the space like rolling up a scroll -as has been mentioned in al-anbiyaa-104. The concept of rolling up the universe like  a scroll may be better understood by looking into the model of the universe described in my article "Model of Universe -a Quranic perspective"; this model looks like an open book whose each page is one of the seven skies. The more the universe will be rolled back, the greater pressure will be built inside the universe and finally whole matter of the universe will be smashed into ‘singularity’ with infinite pressure, temperature, density and infinitely small size. When the pressure inside this singularity will become greater than the pressure being exerted by the space/Dark Matter on this singularity, this singularity will again erupt into the space in the form of Big Bang to make the universe/Luminous Matter afresh.

From the foregoing it becomes clear that contraction/expansion of space and time depends upon how much Dark Matter is depressed; where Dark Matter would be depressed greater, space and time would be contracted greater; where Dark Matter would be depressed lesser, time and space would be contracted lesser or expanded more. Dark Matter may be or may not be uniformly distributed throughout the space before Big Bang but after Big Bang, various degrees of  pressure exercised on Dark Matter by the Luminous Matter at various places convert Dark Matter into densities of various degrees at various points in space.
The seven skies are found in layers one above the other. Space and time are contracted more on earth as we move from the 1st sky to upper skies; this gradual contraction in space and time is due to this factor mentioned above i.e. space and time on first sky are contracted more as Dark Matter in first sky is depressed gradually more as compared to Dark Matter contained by upper skies. The difference in degree of space and time contraction on the same planet (as is obvious from Hazrat Uzair’s incident described in Quran and mentioned in article  Time and space – existence in pairs” ) may also be explained due to this factor mentioned above i.e. Dark Matter is found with various densities at various points in Earth space either due to its natural pattern of distribution (i,e, Dark Matter is found with various densities in space since before Big Bang) or due to Luminous Matter's pressure in various degrees exerted on Dark Matter; where Dark Matter's density is greater, time and space are contracted more and events happen quicker ; where Dark Matter's density is lesser, time and space are lesser contracted and events happen slower. In fact where observer (man) sees events happening quicker, time is passing slower on him; and where observer (man) sees events happening slower, time is passing faster on him. Time, in its slowness or fastness, is a relative thing.In other words, when we find themselves in higher density dark matter area/space, we see that events in comparatively lesser density dark matter area/space happen slower and vice versa.


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