Thursday, 18 April 2013

Implications of Dark Matter

We have already seen in my article “Origin of Universe and Dark Matter” that space is not an empty entity; it can exert pressure on the universe/celestial bodies. It means, space also contains matter. In other words, matter has two types- one contained in the celestial bodies/universe (created out of Big Bang) and the other contained in the space (since before Big Bang). We have also already seen my many previous articles particularly in the article “Reality of Creation-existence in pairs”, that everything exists in pair. Matter also exists in pair. The matter contained in the universe/celestial bodies (created out of Big Bang) is paired with matter contained in the space (since before Big Bang). The difference is that the matter contained in the celestial bodies/universe may be called ‘Luminous Matter’, because it is visible; and the matter contained in the space may be called ‘Dark Matter’, because it is invisible. Quran states about these two kinds of matter as follows:
“[All] praise is [due] to Allah , who created the skies and the earth and made the darkness(es) and the light…” (al-anam-1).

In this verse, it is stated that Allah has created ‘darkness’ and ‘the light’. We know that light is a form of matter; this form of matter was released during Big Bang and was gradually solidified into the form of universe as we find it today; all the rest of matter may be called ‘Dark Matter’ which is spread everywhere in the space  since before occurence of Big Bang.

Space, which contains ‘Dark Matter’ is continuously exerting pressure on the universe/celestial bodies (i.e. Luminous Matter). This pressure exerted by ‘Dark Matter’ on the ‘Luminous Matter’ has many implications:

Firstly, it explains the phenomenon of Big Bang and Big Crunch (plz see for details my article ‘Origin of Universe and Dark Matter’.

Secondly, this pressure exerted by Dark Matter, along with curved space caused by mass/weight of a planet/celestial body, provides for gravitational pull exerted by that celestial body/planet (for details plz see my article ‘Law of Gravity and Quran’. 

Thirdly, space is surrounding every material thing, and Dark Matter is present everywhere in the space; it means Dark Matter is exerting pressure on every material thing (luminous matter)-every planet and every atom. In other words, it is Dark Matter’s pressure which determines shape of every material thing. It is this Dark Matter which holds together all constituents of an atom and gives them form of an atom.In other words, the force combining an atom is provided by Dark Matter. It would also mean that physical structures of all biological creatures including human beings are also determined, along with genetic set ups, by Dark Matter.
Dark Matter is spread everywhere in the space and space is penetrating into every material thing; space is present among the constituents of every material thing. It means Dark Matter is present among the basic constituents of every biological structure and an atom, and exerting pressure on those constituents to break them apart. In other words, it is Dark Matter which is giving shape to all biological structures; it would also mean that Dark Matter, on the one hand, is holding together an atom, and, on the other hand, splits atom apart. Whenever Dark Matter present inside of a planet/ a thing becomes greater in density than the Dark Matter present and exerting pressure from the outside of that planet/thing, it results in splitting up that planet/atom/thing; the same phenomenon in reverse form causes fusion of atoms and increasing density of things/planets.

Fourthly, we observe that every galaxy/planet in space is rotating; this phenomenon also may be explained in term of pressure exerted from all directions by Dark Matter on galaxy/planet. 

Fifthly, it is pressure exerted by Dark Matter which holds together this universe and determines how much this universe may expand and when this universe will start contracting. 

Sixthly,  Laws of Newton may also be explained in terms of Dark Matter. When we exert force against any body, actually we depress the Dark Matter around that body. The more the Dark Matter is depressed, the greater pressure is exerted against that body which shows equal reaction. 

Seventh, the Law of Density may also be explained in terms of Dark Matter.

In short, apart from above mentioned, many physical phenomenon may be explained in terms of Dark Matter. Dark Matter's phenomenon may be applied in a number of ways in medical and physical sciences. This phenomenon may be applied to effected body cells in treatment of many diseases. The phenomenon may also be applied to have desirable shape of biological structures, and physical entities. In short, miraculous achievements may be gained in various science fields by changing density of Dark Matter. Scientists may find out many  avenues in physical sciences to apply Dark Matter's phenomenon.

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