Monday, 5 November 2012

Secret of Rise and Fall of Muslim 'Millat'

  In this universe, two types of things exist. First are those which are in consonance with divinely recommended laws; secondly are those which are repugnant to divinely recommended laws. Natural laws are two types i.e. physical laws and social laws. Nothing repugnant to physical laws can exist; but mankind is permitted to create and adopt social values/practices repugnant to divinely recommended social laws. It is commonly believed that natural laws are only physical laws e.g. mechanical, chemical, biological and psychological laws. These laws are termed as natural laws because human intervention is not involved in developing these laws. As against natural laws, social laws (socio-politico-economic laws) are described as man-made laws. But actually, in view of Quran, these social laws are also natural/revealed laws. (for details plz see my article “Social Laws –existence in pairs).
Allah has devised social laws for mankind which have been given only an option to adopt or not to adopt such social laws. If mankind adopts such social laws as enshrined in revealed knowledge, Allah generates positive social consequences; otherwise negative social consequences are unleashed by Allah. In other words, all social laws are as much natural laws as physical laws are: because these social laws are either recommended by Allah or are negative consequences generated under Allah’s social laws. It means mankind can avoid Allah’s recommendations as to social laws by their choice but they can’t escape the rule of social laws enforced by Allah.  Therefore we can say social laws are also natural laws.  As everything in nature exists in pair, social laws also exist in pairs like physical natural laws (for details plz see my article "social laws-existence in pairs). Every social law exists in positive as well as negative form; if social laws/system is in consonance with what is enshrined in revealed knowledge i.e. Quran and Sunnah, such social system exists in its positive form; otherwise, it exists in its negative form. In other words, regarding every social system, its positive form is paired with its negative form. Whenever we find a positive social system prevailing in any part of this world, we should be certain that  paired negative form of that system also exists somewhere in  this world. This is the way of nature which alternates positive social systems with negative ones among various nations. This is how rise and downfall of Muslims and non-Muslims is alternated. When Muslims' social systems are in consonance with revealed knowledge, they experience period of their rise as against the non-Muslims which experience their downfall during that period due to adoption of social systems repugnant to revealed knowledge. Similarly when non-Muslims' social systems become sufficiently consonant (not completely consonant) with revealed knowledge, they experience period of their rise as against the Muslims which experience their downfall during that period due to adoption of social systems repugnant to revealed knowledge.
Because non-Muslims only partially adopt (due to their disbelief in revealed knowledge)  positive social systems, their period of rise is/will be  always lesser (half of  Muslims' period of rise) than that experienced by the Muslims. Adducing from one of the sayings of our Nabi (saw) we find that whenever Muslims' rise  comes, it will always continue for one thousand years; whenever Muslims' downfall comes, it will continue for 500 years. This periodic rise and fall of Muslims will continue till the end of this world. Muslims' rise means Muslims start abridging/reducing the gap between the accumulative power of Muslim nations and that of the non-Muslim nations; this Muslims' rise ultimately leads the Muslims to dominate the non-Muslims. This Muslims' rise continues for 1000 years; after  Muslims' domination is achieved, the power gap starts increasing in favor of the Muslims for the rest of rising years.    After that Muslims' downfall begins, (which is actually non-Muslims' rise) which means non-Muslims start abridging/reducing the power gap between the non-Muslims and the Muslims. Non-Muslims' rise ultimately lead the non-Muslims to dominate the Muslims. This non-Muslims' rise continues for 500 years; after non-Muslims' domination is achieved, the power gap starts increasing in favor of the non-Muslims for the rest of the rising years. After that non-Muslims' downfall begins, which is actually rise of the Muslims for another 1000 years. It may be appreciated that during past 1500 years of rise and fall (570 AD-till date), Muslims remained dominant over non-Muslims for 1200 years (600+ AD - 1700+ AD), and non-Muslims are dominant over Muslims since last 300 years. It means 500 years of non-Muslims' rise does not necessarily mean 500 years domination over the Muslims.
Taking the birth of our Nabi (saw) [i.e. 570 AD] as the starting point of the previous rise of Muslims, and calculating 1500 years since then according to Lunar Calendar, Muslims' second rise is going to start soon (i.e. in 2025 AD)  after a downfall of 500 years. We need establishment of positive social systems in order to achieve this second rise which will continue for 1000 years insha Allah. Presently Muslims are experiencing downfall and are under domination of non-Muslims; it means power gap between the Muslims and the non-Muslims is increasing in favor of non-Muslims; non-Muslims are increasing their power with greater pace than the Muslims' pace. This power gap will continue increasing till 2025 when this power gap will start getting reduced; that point i.e. 2025 will be starting point of Muslims' rise.(InshaAllah).
One of the implications of foregoing is if any presently rising (or non-rising) non-Muslim nation wants to continue its rise for next one thousand years, they may achieve their such objective by embracing Islam and by becoming a part of Muslim 'Millat'.

NOTE:- Rise of Mongols cannot be termed as decline of Muslim Ummah.  After the death of Changez Khan in 1227, Mongols started embracing Islam within thirty years; by 1257 Central Asian Mongols empire (blue horde) had embraced Islam. During their un-Islamic period, Mongols were never able to dominate whole Muslim Ummah; they could subjugate only central asia, Iran and Iraq, and remaining Islamic world (India under 'Malook' Dynasty; Egypt under 'Mamlook' Dynasty; North Africa under 'Mohadeen' and Mirinid Dynasty; Spain under Moors) remained out of domination of Mongols. In fact Mamlook Dynasty of Egypt inflicted a series of defeats on non-believing Mongols. Islamic world dominated non-believing Mongols untill all non-believing Mongols embraced Islam by the end of 13th century.

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