Friday, 2 November 2012

'Haque'/ Right and 'Batil'/ Wrong

            Natural laws are two types i.e. physical laws and social laws. Nothing repugnant to physical laws can exist; but mankind is permitted to create and adopt social values/practices repugnant to revealed/ recommended social laws. It is commonly believed that natural laws are only physical laws e.g. mechanical, chemical, biological  laws. These laws are termed as natural laws because human intervention is not involved in developing these laws. As against natural laws, social laws (socio-politico-economic laws) are described as man-made laws. But actually, in view of Quran, these social laws are also natural laws. (for details plz see my article “Social Laws –existence in pairs).
Allah has devised social laws for mankind which have been given only an option to adopt or not to adopt such social laws. If mankind adopts such social laws as enshrined/recommended in revealed knowledge, Allah generates positive social consequences; otherwise negative social consequences are unleashed by Allah. In other words, all social laws are as much natural laws as physical laws are: because these social laws are either recommended by Allah or are negative consequences generated under Allah’s social laws. It means mankind can avoid Allah’s recommendations as to social laws by their choice but they can’t escape the rule of social laws enforced by Allah.  Therefore we can say social laws are also natural laws. In other words, social laws also exist in pairs like physical natural laws. Every social law exists in positive as well as negative form; if social laws/system is in consonance with what is enshrined in revealed knowledge i.e. Quran and Sunnah, such social system exists in its positive form; otherwise, it exists in its negative form. In other words, regarding every social system, its positive form is paired with its negative form.

The term ‘Al-haque’ is used in Quran for Allah’s deeds and Allah’s person; as such all natural laws-physical and social- which are Allah’s deeds may be called ‘al-haque’. Similarly, as compared to ‘al-haque’,  term ‘haque’ is used with reference to human deeds (in addition to other meanings of this word) [for details plz see my article ‘al-haque and Mansoor Hallaj’].  ‘Haque’ are actually such human deeds which are in consonance with natural laws. The term ‘Batil’/wrong is used for such human deeds which are repugnant to natural laws. In other words, all human ideas, practices, values and systems- social, political, economic, and moral ones- are ‘batil’/ wrong, if they are repugnant to natural /recommended social laws as enshrined in the revealed knowledge. Similarly all such human deeds are ‘haque’, if they are in consonance with natural/recommended  social laws as enshrined in the revealed knowledge.

As mentioned above, nothing in this universe can exist as repugnant to physical natural laws. But social laws may be or may not be in consonance with recommended revealed social laws. If existed as consonant with revealed/ recommended social laws, such social laws exist as positive social laws; otherwise exist as negative social laws. Both in their positive and negative forms, social laws are natural laws because they are operated by Allah. But negative social laws, which are ‘batil’ /wrong in their nature are not recommended by Allah. Because all social laws (positive and negative ones) are operated by Allah, no ‘batil’ social law is given permanence in this world; no ‘batil’ human idea, practice, value, and system (social, economic, political and moral) is given permanence in this world. Mankind with its best efforts cannot give permanence to any ‘batil’ /wrong human idea, practice, value, and systems; every ‘batil’ human idea, practice, value, and system is bound to be eliminated. As compared to ‘batil’, ‘haque’/ right human ideas, practices, values and systems are NOT bound to be eliminated; they may be given permanence, depending upon concerned human community's actions/inactions.
This is what has been mentioned in Quran. “And say, " ‘al-haque’ has come, and ‘batil’ has departed. Indeed is ‘batil’, [by nature], ever bound to depart” (al-isra-81). “Say, "Indeed, my Lord projects ‘al-haque’. Knower of the unseen” (saba-48). The ‘al-haque’-if relating to social laws- is projected through ‘haque’/ human righteous deeds.

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