Monday, 19 March 2012

Concept of Fitnah and Qadyaniat (2)

From the foregoing discussion (in the first part), it is evident that ‘Qadyaniat’ is a ‘fitna’ of first type in Muslim societies because Qadyanis are propagating religious views which are not primarily based on Quran and Sunnah; which are primarily based on Mirza Ghulam qadyani’s views.
 No doubt, Qadyanis’ religious views do not have vitality and strength to convert majority of Muslims on their side;  they would live and extinguish as a negligible minority. The real Qadyani danger lies in two facts: first, Mirza Qadyani’s views are not comprehensive enough to provide for basis of  social systems (including political, economic, ideological); second, neither do Qadyanis adopt Sunnah as primary basis of social systems (they do not believe in such segments of Sunnah and Quran which contradict mirza's views). When these two facts are taken into account in the backdrop of a third fact that Qadyanis are sitting in the lap of western nations and they will continue to be so( because the protector and the protected can best serve each other’s interests) it becomes almost evident that Qadyanis’  views would always be subservient to - though might be different from- those of western nations; keeping in view the fact that Qadyanis would always seek protection and support from western nations, being a  minority  which cannot be converted into majority in Muslim societies, it becomes clear that Qadyanis’ social systems (particular ideological system) would always be subservient to (though might be different from) those of  western nations’s.  The Qadyanis’ social values and systems would never be able to pose any challenge to western systems; rather Qadyanis’ social systems would always be supporting to western systems.  In this way, an unholy alliance is inevitable to emerge between Qadyanis and western nations. The essence of this alliance has to be hostility to Muslim world, which both western nations and Qadyanis share in common.

Though Qadyanis-West alliance cannot take over Pakistan, by converting Muslim majority to Qadyani faith, they can damage Pakistan’s interests by appointing Qadyani agents to key posts in Pakistan; such agents are assigned tasks to promote western/Qadyanis’ interests in Pakistan even at the cost of Pakistan’s interests. Because such Qadyanis are able, in most cases, to conceal their Qadyani affinities, such agents are most secured and efficient tools in advancing western/Qadyanis’ interests in Pakistan. Pakistani authorities, without depriving Qadyanis of job opportunities, should adopt most cautious policy for appointments to key posts in Pakistan. 

 Qadyanis must not be allowed to propagate their religious views; such a permission would lead to more conversions to Qadyanis' religion, which would mean more anti-Islamic and potential agents available to promote anti-Islamic interests in Pakistan, and more 'fasad' in Pakistan's Islamic society, particularly in Ideological sphere. Every civilization allows/ forbids establishment and growth of institutions on the basis of principle whether or not such institutions would promote and strengthen the very rationale of existence of that civilization. In USA and many other democracies establishment of communist political and economic systems is not possible/ allowed; in erstwhile USSR  establishment of western model political and economic system was not allowed. Though in western democracies generally, propagation of ideas running counter to ideological basis of  western systems is permitted, such permission is possible only because western societies do not take Ideology itself as a system. But  in Muslim societies Ideology has to be a religious Ideology and as such religious Ideology itself has to be taken as system like political, economic and other social systems.  In Islamic societies, an Ideology running counter to Islamic Ideology is not to be permitted as establishment of communist political/ economic systems is not permitted in western societies. In Islamic Ideology, our Nabi (saw)  is the linchpin around which all Islamic civilization's systems revolve; our Nabi's (saw) sayings and deeds provide basis to all Islamic systems. Qadyanis, believing in Mirza's prophet hood,  are bound to prefer mirza's views over our Nabi's (saw) views; as such Qadyanis' Ideology runs counter to Islamic Ideology and must not be allowed to be propagated in Islamic societies like Pakistan. Propagation of 'qadyaniat' is a crime under Pakistan's laws; Pakistan must implement in letter and spirit the legal provisions regarding propagation of 'Qadyaniat' (concluded).

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