Monday, 28 February 2011

Importance of Sunnah

Quran Pak's meanings are multi-layerd; every person can have access to the layer of meanings according to its capacity. The more a person gets access to  layers of meanings of Quran, the more learned he is; but all persons do not have equal access to layers of meanings of  Quran. As we know Quran is guidance to become obedient to Allah; as such all people, having ordinary knowledge and the learned ones, have right to avail complete guidance as enshrined in Quran. But ordinary people who don't have access to all layers of Quranic meanings can't avail complete Quranic guidance to achieve complete obedience to Allah. For such ordinary people, Allah has graciously bestowed a priceless gift of " Sunnah"- which is based on such layers of   Quranic meanings which are essential to be known for spiritual elevation. The ordinary people can avail complete Quranic guidance for spiritual elevation by following "Sunnah".

Muslims can't get glory without obedience to Allah- without establishing Allah's given systems, as understood by the holy Prophet; rise up to put on concerted efforts to change your systems on the basis of "Sunnah".

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