Sunday, 27 February 2011

Corruption Remedy

we see absolute corruption in Pakistan. The reason is monopoly of some social groups in their respective fields; when these groups involve in corruption,they develop monopolized system of corruption in their respective fields. In our system of governance monopoly and corruption are intertwined and reinforce each other. If we want to eliminate corruption from our society, we need to break up monopolies of groups involved in corruption. One of these major corrupt and monopoly groups is bureaucracy which develop monopolized system of corruption through their national or provincial cadres.We need to break up monopoly of bureaucracy to eliminate corruption; in other words, we need to abolish national and provincial cadres of bureaucracy; we need to split up these national and provincial cadres into ministerial or departmental cadres which, on the one hand, would eliminate monopolized corruption, and,on the other hand, would provide room for development of specialization which would further enhance efficiency in service delivery.

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