Sunday, 23 February 2014

Taliban-pro-shariah or anti-shariah group

The policy of killing innocent Pakistani citizens, adopted by Taliban, is one of the biggest hurdle in the way of enforcement of shariah. The genuine Taliban should decide they are pro-shariah or anti-shariah. Genuine Taliban cannot enforce shariah by adopting anti-shariah policies/tactics. Taliban should not adopt anti-shariah policies even as a reaction to Pakistani authorities' anti-shariah policies because Taliban's professed ideology is to enforce shariah which cannot be enforced by adopting anti-shariah tactics. Taliban should ponder over the fact that they cannot succeed without matching their professed ideology with their tactics/policies; if Taliban are able to become synchronized over these two things-i.e. ideology and practice/policy- they will be considered as pro-shariah; otherwise, they will be declared as anti-shariah group.

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