Thursday, 9 August 2012

Simultaneous Presence in Present and Future

Time and space are considered as a twin and interdependent phenomenon. Time may be defined as a distance between two points in space. Simply speaking, if a person moves from point A to point B, the duration required for space travelled/ covered between points A and B is called Time to reach from A to B. In other words, if space between A and B is expanded, the time to reach from A to B will be expanded; and if the space between A and B is contracted/condensed, time to reach from A to B will be shortened. It means same event (in this case moving from A to B) will require more (expanded) time to happen, if space is expanded; as that event will require lesser time to happen, if space is condensed/ contracted.  This concept of time and space may be substantiated on the basis of Quran.

Sura al-maarij states that “Lord of the Ascending Stairways. The angels and the Spirit will ascend to Him in a Day the extent of which is fifty thousand years” (al-ma,arij-3,4). These stairways or gates are used by Hazrat Gabrael (as) and other angels to reach to such divine proximity from where they receive commandments from Allah, and such ascendance of angels from earth to seventh sky happens in a DAY (twenty four hours) which is actually equal to fifty thousand years on earth. It means events happen quicker on earth as we move from 1st sky to upper skies; the events occurring in fifty thousand years on earth take one day/24 hours in seventh sky to occur on earth. In other words, one second spent in the seventh sky would be equal to 211.22 days spent on earth; it means the events which are seen to be happened  in one second in seventh sky would happen in 211.22 days on earth. That is why Allah states: “Indeed, they see it [as] distant, But We see it [as] near”(al-ma,arij-6,7). 

It also explains why 'meraj' was possible only within a part of night; the events witnessed by Hazrat Muhammad (saw) during the ‘journey of meraj’, would take future thousands of years to take place according to earth time. It means our Nabi (saww) during ‘meraj’ was witnessing future incidents of earthly time; he (saw) during ‘meraj’ was actually living in future of earthly time. Now because our Nabi (saw) came back to earth from ‘meraj’ journey, it means he (saw) was witnessing during ‘meraj’ the events relating to himself also.  In other words, our Nabi (saw) during ‘meraj’ was living simultaneously in present and future of earthly time. Therefore we may infer that man can not only travel in future of earthly time but also live simultaneously in future and present of earthly time.

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