Friday, 27 July 2012

Propagation and Enforcement of Islam and QAdyaniat

Propagation/ ‘tableegh’ of Islam is different from enforcement of Islam. In the process of propagation of Islam, the beliefs of non-Muslims (and Muslims) are changed and they are converted to Islamic beliefs. During this process, use of force is forbidden. Quran says: “There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion” (al-baqra-256). During ‘Makki’ period, our Nabi (saw) was propagating Islam; that is why during ‘Makki’ period, Muslims were not allowed to use force.
In the process of enforcement of Islam, Islamic systems are enforced; non-Muslims’ beliefs are not changed. In this process, non-Muslims are allowed to practice their religious beliefs with freedom and also allowed to propagate them. In enforcement of Islam, all social systems in the society are moulded according to injunctions of Islam; under injunctions of Islam, non-Muslims are allowed to practice their religious beliefs, and also  allowed to propagate them but all social systems (political-economic-moral) have to be Islamic ones.  In the process of enforcement of Islam, use of force, if required, is allowed. Rather it is compulsory to use force during enforcement of Islam, if it is required to do so. During ‘Madni’ period, our Nabi (saw) was propagating as well as enforcing Islam that is why force was used in the process of enforcing Islam during this period, wherever and whenever it was required.
Now the question arises why  ‘zarrar mosque’  built by hypocrites was burnt down by our Nabi (saw) during ‘madni’ period. Why force was used which is used only in a matter of enforcement of Islam though we know in the process of enforcement of Islam practice and propagation of un-islamic religious beliefs is allowed?  The answer is very clear. The burning down of 'zarrar mosque' was taken as a matter of enforcement of Islam. Actually, in case of enforcement of Islam,  non-Muslims are allowed to practice and propagate their religious beliefs but no one is allowed to corrupt Islamic systems/beliefs. When non-Muslims practice or propagate their religious beliefs, they do not corrupt Islamic beliefs because non-Muslims  practice and propagate  different beliefs which have nothing to do with Islamic beliefs. But when hypocrites/ ‘munafqeen’ propagate their beliefs, they do so in the name of Islamic injunctions/beliefs; in this way they actually corrupt Islamic injunctions/beliefs by propagating their beliefs. The zarrar mosque was built by hypocrites to propagate un-islamic beliefs in the name of Islam; they would corrupt Islamic beliefs by propagating their beliefs. That is why our Nabi (saw) burnt it down. Our Nabi’s (saw) action was a part  of process of enforcement of Islam.
Similarly ‘qadyanis’ are propagating their beliefs in the name of Islam; in this way they are corrupting Islamic belief- system (plz see my article "Concept of Fitnah and Qadyaniat). It is our duty to curb this evil. 'Qadyani' must not be allowed to propagate their beliefs and state machinery must take serious notice of it. The people must also be vigilant enough to put an effective check on propagation of qadyaniat. Such an action to prevent propagation of ‘qadyaniat’ must be taken as a prelude to enforcement of Islamic system in Pakistan.

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