Friday, 24 February 2012

Concept of 'Insaan' and 'Bashr' in Quran

All people are Adam’s (as) descendants. Whenever positive qualities of Adam’s descendants are mentioned in Quran, they are called ‘bashr’; whereas when their negative qualities are mentioned, they are called ‘insaan’. Our Nabi (saw) has been called as ‘bashr’ in Quran. It means our Nabi (saw) is distinguished from other common people in the sense that other people have negative qualities associated with Adam’s descendants but our Nabi (saw) is devoid of all such negative qualities, though our Nabi (saw) is also Adam’s descendant like other people.

Quran says about our Nabi (saw):
“Say, "I am only a ‘bashr’ like you, to whom has been revealed that your god is one God…” (al-kahf-110).
This verse is conveying meaning that our Nabi (saw) is a human being like other human beings, but word ‘bashr’ denotes that our Nabi (saw) is such a human being who possesses only positive qualities of human beings; in other words, he is devoid of negative qualities of human beings because word ‘bashr’ is used in Quran to mention/infer positive/commendable qualities of human beings.
Similarly other Messengers also have been called ‘bashr’ in Quran (Ibrahim-11).

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