Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Principles of Conquest of Natural Systems

Allah has created everything in pairs; it means everything created by Allah and contained in this universe exists in pairs. In other words all natural systems also exit in pairs. Allah has made everything in this universe subjected to mankind; it means all natural laws-both physical and social laws- are subjected to mankind and are open to be controlled by mankind. Not only the natural sytems but also the principles/laws to control these natural systems  exist in pair.
Allah has created everything in pairs. This reality has been described in Quran which states: “And of all things We created two mates; perhaps you will remember” (al-dhariat-49).And He Who created pairs (azwaj) of all things, and made for you of the ships and the cattle what you ride on” (al-zhkhruf-12).
From these verses, it is evident that Allah has created everything in pairs.
Quran states about pairs of natural forces, rivers, fruits, and day and night (for details my article ‘ Reality of creation-existence in pairs’ on this blogspot may be seen).

It means plants, animals, human beings, waters, all natural forces, all natural laws - all exist in pairs. This reality has been discovered in respect of some creations like plants, waters, and some natural forces, but it is yet to be discovered in respect of other creations.

It may be noted that natural laws include social laws as well. It is commonly believed that natural laws are only physical laws e.g. mechanical, chemical, biological laws. These laws are termed as natural laws because human intervention is not involved in developing these laws. As against natural laws, social laws (socio-politico-economic and psychological laws) are described as man-made laws. But actually, in view of Quran, these social laws are also natural laws. Quran has given certain social laws. Allah has devised such social laws for mankind which have been given only an option to adopt or not adopt such social laws; all the rest is with Allah. If mankind adopts such social laws as enshrined in Quran, Allah generates positive consequences; otherwise negative consequences are unleashed. The man-made social laws are in fact negative consequences/ implications generated from avoidance/neglect of Quranic/ natural social laws; these negative implications provide foundations to man-made laws. In other words, all social laws are as much natural laws as physical laws are: because these social laws are either recommended by Allah or are negative consequences generated under Allah’s social laws. It means mankind can avoid Allah’s recommendations as to social laws by their choice but they can’t escape the rule of social laws enforced by Allah. (for details plz see my article ‘Quranic Knowledge and its Comprehensiveness’ on this blog). Therefore we can say social laws are also natural laws. In other words, social laws also exist in pairs like physical natural laws. Every social law exists in positive as well as negative form; if social laws/system is in consonance with what is enshrined in revealed knowledge i.e. Quran and Sunnah, such social system exists in its positive form; otherwise, it exists in its negative form. In other words, regarding every social system, its positive form is paired with its negative form.

Allah has made whole creation conquerable for mankind; Allah says:
“And He has subjected to you whatever is in the skies and whatever is on the earth - all from Him. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought”(al-jathiyah-13).
“Do you not see that Allah has made subject to you whatever is in the skies and whatever is in the earth…”(luqman-20).
From these verses it is clear that whatever is contained in the skies and the earth is subjected to mankind; it means all natural laws operating in this universe are also subjected to mankind and are open  to be conquered/controlled by mankind. (for details my article ‘Process of creation and conquest of nature’  may be seen on this blogspot).

Like natural laws/systems exist in pairs, the laws/ principles to  conquer  these  natural laws/systems also exist in pair. In other words, to enable mankind to conquer/ control natural laws/ systems, Allah has devised a pair of laws; this pair of laws consists of effort and faith. In other words, natural laws-both physical and social- can be discovered and controlled by mankind through Law of Effort and Law of Faith. Through Law of Faith, a natural law/system is brought under control due to sheer devotion and faith in Allah; no intellectual effort is involved to discover, understand and control natural system. Through Law of Effort, natural law/system is discovered, understood and controlled through intellectual efforts. Natural laws can be controlled by mankind by Law of Faith or Law of Effort or Laws of Effort and Faith combined.  Law of Faith can help in controlling natural laws only to such people which have faith; but Law of Effort can help in controlling natural laws to those people also which do not have faith.  For instance, fire did not burn Hazrat Ibrahim (as); it was due to operation of second law of fire which exists as a pair with the law of fire under which fire always burns; it was Hazrat Ibrahim’s (as) faith which got that second law of fire operated; no one lacking in that faith can get that second law of fire operated. Similarly so many miracles associated with prophets and ‘aulia Allah’ could be performed by only such prophets and ‘aulia’ which were people having faith.  On the other hand, if a natural law is controlled by Law of Effort, the people not having faith can also control such natural law. For instance, Law of Flying has been got controlled by Law of Effort; everyone including having faith or not having faith can make a use of this law of flying.
Another principle to control natural laws is that  physical natural laws   can be controlled through Law of Faith alone ( physical natural laws can  can also be controlled by Law of Faith and Law of Effort combined); we see all miracles associated with Prophets and 'Aulia Allah' pertain to only physical natural laws, and controlled through sheer faith developed by Prophets or wali-Allah concerned. But Social natural laws  cannot be controlled through Law of Faith alone; no person can control social laws through faith only. In other words, social laws are to be set up and operated through Law of Effort or though Law of Faith and Law of  Effort combined. According to Quran, "Allah does not change conditions of any nation until that nation wills it so".

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