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Process of Creation and Conquest of Nature

This world is Allah’s creation. This creation has three stages-  i. Kalma-e-ilahi, ii. Amr-e-ilahi, iii. Ayat-e-ilahi.
Kalma-e-ilahi is the first stage in the process of creation. Allah says
“For to anything which We have willed, We but say the word, "Be", and it is” (al-nahl-40).
The word “ kun” used in this verse is kalma-e-ilahi; whenever Allah wants anything to happen, He utters this ‘kalma’ and consequently that thing happens. In Quran, we find many verses in this regard.
“Indeed, the example of Jesus to Allah is like that of Adam. He created Him from dust; then He said to him, "Be," and he was” (al-imran-59).
It is our common observation that whatever happens in this world, it is happened through a natural system; in other words, kalma-e-ilahi always operates through a natural system. In Quran word ‘amr’ is used to denote natural system.
 “His ‘amr’, when He intends anything, that He says to it: Be, so it is” (Yasin-82).
From this above verse, it is evident that when Allah intends about anything, He decrees a relevant natural system (amr) through which that thing happens. It may be noted that in Quran this word ‘amr’ is used also with other meanings like command, matter etc.
Quran mentions about decree of ‘amr’/ natural system in some other verses too. “Originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decrees a  ‘amr’, He only says to it, "Be," and it is” (al-baqra-117).
In the above verse, it is indicated that when Allah decided about creation of skies and earth, He ordered creation of relevant ‘amr’/ natural law through which these skies and earth were created.
“She said, "My Lord, how will I have a child when no man has touched me?" [The angel] said, "Such is Allah ; He creates what He wills. When He decrees a ‘amr’, He only says to it, 'Be,' and it is” (al-imran-47).
From all these verses, it is obvious that when Allah intends anything to happen, He orders creation of relevant natural law/ ‘amr’ through which that thing happens.
Briefly speaking, in the process of creation, kalma-e-ilahi is the first stage; at this stage word ‘kun’ is uttered by Allah regarding a thing to happen. At the second stage, natural law/ ‘amr’ is created through which that thing is to happen. At the third stage, the required thing actually comes into being; when a thing is created, it is called ‘ayat-e-ilahi; ayat-e-ilahi include both physical and non-physical things.

Allah has made whole creation conquerable for mankind; Allah says:
“And He has subjected to you whatever is in the skies and whatever is on the earth - all from Him. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought”(al-jathiyah-13).
“Do you not see that Allah has made subject to you whatever is in the skies and whatever is in the earth…”(luqman-20).
From these verses it is clear that whatever is contained in the skies and the earth is subjected to mankind; it means all natural laws operating in this universe are also subjected to mankind. In other words,  Allah’s whole creation, both ‘amr-e-ilahi’ / natural systems and ‘ayat-e-ilahi’/ physical and non-physical things are open to be conquered by mankind. 
But it may be noted that amr-e-ilahi/ natural laws cannot be destroyed or changed by mankind. Quran says: “And the ‘amr’ of Allah is a decree determined” (al-ahzab-38). Natural laws are act of Allah; and Act of Allah does not change; Quran says about Allah’s act /way: “and you will not find in Our way any alteration” (Isra-77)..  Natural laws are to stay as they are; they are to exist; there is no point of conquering natural laws, if they can be made non-existent. Natural laws are to exist as they are but mankind may have control over them in the sense that mankind may make a use of them at their will. For instance, laws of raining and air blowing will exist as they are, but mankind may have control over these natural laws to make a use of them wherever and whenever they want to.
Hazrat Suleman (as) was given control over law of air blowing and jinn; Quran states: “So We subjected to him the wind blowing by his command, gently, wherever he directed”. “And [also] the devils [of jinn] -every builder and diver” (sad-36-37). 
Hazrat Daud (as) was given control over mountains. Quran states: “Indeed, We subjected the mountains [to praise] with him, exalting [Allah] in the [late] afternoon and [after] sunrise” (sad-18).
Hazrat Isa (as) was given control over law of life, laws to know about hidden things and laws of human biology. The Quran says: “
…… 'Indeed I have come to you with a sign from your Lord in that I design for you from clay [that which is] like the form of a bird, then I breathe into it and it becomes a bird by permission of Allah. And I cure the blind and the leper, and I give life to the dead - by permission of Allah. And I inform you of what you eat and what you store in your houses. Indeed in that is a sign for you, if you are believers” (al-imran-49).
In nutshell, we can conclude that  Allah has made His whole creation conquerable for the mankind. Mankind may have control over whatever is contained in this universe including laws of nature. This is what was predicted by ‘shaitan’  who predicted: “  and I will command them so they will change the creation of Allah” (nisa-119). (‘ shaitan’ is hinting about the change for the worse, not for the better, and creation in this verse means ayat-e-Ilahi not amr-e-Ilahi). There is  every possibility that in future mankind may produce super human beings; and may have control over all creatures other than human beings. It may be noted that creation of such super human being would not be result of change in 'amr-e-ilahi'; it would be result of use of 'amr-e-ilahi' .                                                               

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