Monday, 30 May 2011

Alliance with Non-Muslims

The present dismal scenario overridden with bomb blasts and almost daily loss of innocent lives in Pakistan particularly and in the Muslim world generally forces every thinking mind to unearth the reality of various factors responsible for this fiasco. Let us have a critical look into the causes leading towards the confusion which actually provides breeding ground for creating this blood tainted scenario.We shall confine our argumentation to the religious roots of this troublesome disaster.

The root cause of this disaster befalling on innocent Pakistani citizens is that perpetrators of this disaster think they are justified in blasting innocent Pakistani citizens in the settled areas because Pakistan is in alliance with USA and NATO forces, which are killing tribal Pakistanis.

Let us have a look at what Quran says about'alliance with non-muslims. The Surah Al-Mumtehenah-1 reveals that " O, Muslims, don't be dependent/allies with enemies of Me and your's". Surah Al-Mujidilah-22, reveals that " you will not find any peoples who believe in Allah and the Day of Judgement that they would be reliant/allies with those who are hostile to Allah and His Messenger..... (SAW). Who is to be considered as enemy and hostile to Allah and Muslims? It is further elaborated in The Al-Mumtehnah-8, which states " Allah does not forbid you from dealing with kindness and justice with those who do not fight against you in connection with Deen and do not expel you from your houses".The verse 9 of the same chapter states " Allah forbids you from being dependent/allies with those who fought against you in connection with Deen and who expelled you from your houses and their supporters;those who will be dependent/allies with them, are wrong-doers".
From these verses, it is crystal clear that Muslims are forbidden from making alliance with such non-muslims who fight against muslims in connection with Deen, and expel muslims from their homes; and who are their supporters in such fight and expulsion.

These verses clearly constrain Muslims from forging alliance with the USA and NATO Alliance. Upto this stage, tribal Pakistanis are right in their opinion that Pakistan's alliance with the USA and NATO forces is un-islamic and forbidden in Islam. But the way they are responding to this un-islamic alliance is equally un-islamic in its nature. The tribal Pakistanis are failing in appreciating that Pakistani citizens are not in alliance with the USA; it is only governmental authorities which are in alliance with USA. Therefore, any act, on the part of tribal Pakistanis, which is playing havoc with the lives of innocent Pakistani citizens, is as much un-islamic and forbidden as is kiiling of tribal Pakistanis at the hands of USA and Pakistani authorities combined.

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