Sunday, 3 April 2011

Function of Human Intellect

In fact, many sectarian controversies emanate from the fact that many islamic scholars do not subordinate their wisdom / logic to revealed knowledge; rather they subordinate revealed knowledge to their logic/wisdom. Quran commands human beings to utilise their intellectual faculties, but function of of intellectual faculties is to prove revealed knowledge, not to contradict it. According to the Quran which states that " whoever becomes alive, he becomes alive due to logic; whoever dies, he dies due to logic", human intellect is a double edged sword; it can set you on the right path as well as on the Satanic path.In my humble understanding,if function of intellect is confined to proving revealed knowledge, intellect will not detract human beings. So whenever an Islamic scholar reaches a conclusion/ idea which is not mentioned in the revealed knowledge (Quran and Sunnah), or not endorsed, by inference, by revealed knowledge, he should keep on thinking over the issue untill his conclusion is endorsed by the revealed knowledge. If any idea/conclusion contradicts the revealed knowledge, it must be rejected outrightly.

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